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20 September 2012
Newsletter SIRP Mistra 2012:2 September
First Italian SRI Day in Rome
WWF and SIRP Mistra Panel Debate
Paul Smeets Investors with a preference for SRI Mutual funds are more loyal
Tommy Lundgren Environmental performace and profits-are voluntary measures better?
Marcos Nicolosi and Elena Stanghellini CSR rating systems and compatibility
Natalia Semenova, Lars Hassel and Pontus Cerin Energy Performace and Housing prices
Leonardo Becchetti, Rocco Ciciretti, and Alessandro Giovannelli CSR and stock market efficiency


Newsletter SIRP Mistra 2012:1 May
Jaap Bos, Michael Viehs, Piet Eichholz, Lars G. Hassel Impact and Engagement SIRP Mistra seminar in Paris
Paul Smeets Pro-Social Behavior of Socially Responsible Investors
Frank Figge, Tommy Lundgren and Ralf Barkemeyer The issues of questionable Sustainability Data SIRP Mistra seminar in London
Joakim Sandberg, Andreas Hoepner A Handbook on Fiduciary Duty

Newsletter SIRP Mistra 2011:4 November
Rob Bauer Engagement in Sigtuna
Lars G. Hassel The work continues
Beiting Cheng and Ariel Meyerstein Awarded at the PRI Mistra Conference
Natalia Semenova The value relevance of environmental and social performance
Frank Figge Carbon performace of 25 pulp and paper companies
Tommy Lundgren Climate policy and impact on firms
Sebastian Siegel The legal implications of managing a SRI mutual fund

Newsletter SIRP Mistra 2011:3 June
SEB to sponsor PRI Mistra Conference
Ralf Barkemeyer Putting carbon performance into assessment 
Elena Stanghellini How we measure the CSR of a firm 
Nils Kok ESG benchmarking of real estate investments 
Jonas Nilsson Recognized for research on SRI  


Newsletter SIRP 2011:2 April

Natalie Beinisch
 Sigtuna Conference and networking site

John Howchin
Never ending debate - voice or exit? 
Cristiana Manescu Evidence pricing good and bad ESG news
Anders Biel SIRP focus on Fiduciary Duty
Sebastian Siegl UN PRI Fiduciary Duty Webinar


Newsletter SIRP 2011:1 January
Daniel Hann, Rob Bauer Moskowiz Prize awarded
Rob Lake Sustainability and Fiduciary Duty – is there a conflict? 
Jonas Nilsson Difficult to choose for SRI-consumers
Annalisa Fabretti Delegated Portfolio Management
Ralf Barkemeyer A plea for better reporting

SIRP Newsletter 2010:2 October
Henrik Nilsson - fraudulant behaviour at Nasdaq OMX
Rob Bauer  - Case study for CEO's in Copenhagen
James Gifford
- UNPRI and Mr Engagement

SIRP Newsletter 2010:1 June
Ingrid Jansson - new Chairman of the Board
from workshop in Rome
in Copenhagen


20 September 2012
Sustainable Investment Research Platform
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