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Sustainable Investments and Markets
Sustainable Companies and Ratings
Fiduciary Duty and Incentive Systems

The objective of Sustainable Investment Research Platform is to find out how sustainable investment practices can create added value for institutional investors and identify barriers to mainstreaming such practices. Institutional investors are the main targets for this research but SIRP supports all actors in the institutional financial value chain.

The research is performed in three areas:

Sustainable Investments and Markets
Sustainable investment portfolio analysis is at the heart of strategic decision making regarding long-term sustainability issues. The research group approaches the task of constructing optimal sustainable investment portfolios from perspectives that are relevant for investors and portfolio managers. Inquiry into venture capital, real estate and credit markets and the implications sustainability has upon these markets is conducted in Alternative Sustainable Investments Markets research.

Sustainable Companies and Ratings
Companies and investors require long-term performance metrics. Although individual metrics may have a shorter timelines, the goal of using such metrics is to maximize future value and to provide the investment community, companies, and other stakeholders with concrete information regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Fiduciary and Incentives Systems
Fiduciary duty is a central concept in most views and discus¬sions about what institutional investors can and should do in legal and moral contexts. Counteracting short-termism in the finance sector is expected to help companies manage their business in ways that are more closely aligned with sustainable development. Studies in Incentive Systems are conducted in the programme about how portfolio managers’ investment decisions are affected by how they are incentivised and monitored.

Sustainable Investment Research Platform
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