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The Fourth Annual Academic Conference on RI 
Research Meets Practice

The PRI-Mistra Conference is now fully booked! We are very happy and proud to have received such a great interest.
For those of you who are interested in the conference, the papers and the presentations, please follow us at www.sirp.se, at LinkedIn and Facebook.

SIRP and the PRI Academic Network have joined forces for the 2011 Academic conference on Dynamics of Responsible Investments  

The conference is an opportunity for academics to present their latest research findings and a unique opportunity for investment professionals to meet and present or comment on research, identify opportunities for research with value for users, build partnerships and continue to enhance the understanding of responsible or sustainable investments. All this should be of interest to investment professionals, but please join us to comment on ongoing research and help the academia to identify new research opportunities.

Welcome to Sigtuna!

"Sponsoring the
PRI-Mistra Conference in Sigtuna is a good opportunity for us to show our commitment to responsible investments,
which are a key concern for investors and banks".
Annika Falkengren
CEO and President SEB
"This year’s FIR awards for finance and sustainability, coordinated with
 the PRI-Mistra Conference is a testament to how quickly responsible investment research has advanced. We look forward to our on-going partnership".
Bertrand Fournier President

"The conference is an important arena for bringing
together dedicated people in order to discuss, develop
and disseminate
the knowledge
with regard to the globally important issues related to Sustainability". 
Lars Lindbergh 
Umeå School of Business

Sustainable Investment Research Platform
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